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Thanks to our partners we have today the possibility to show our new 405 nm resins for 3D printing with interesting technical characteristics.

Thanks to our printers and our 3d printing resins we are able to offer solutions for the world of high-quality prototyping and jewelry that guarantee exceptional results with a resolution from 25 microns.

The resins are particularly suitable for our VOYAGER, ROVER and VIKING printers 

S-ClearS-HardG-StrongG-ModelS-WaxТехническая спецификация


The S–Clear resin has nothing to hide: thanks to its transparency, this 3D printing resin is particularly suitable for prototypes and aesthetic works, with an optimum surface yield.

Durable and easy to print, S–Clear is mainly used for the construction of houses and containers of electronic or LED parts, but it is perfect for any application that requires transparency.

Техническая спецификация


When your first look at the models printed with the S-Hard resin you can see every single detail of the print. This is because, between the 3d printing resins of the Sharebot line, S–Hard is the one that offers a visually more pronounced contrast.

This is combined with the resistance to shocks and to the high temperatures. A feature that makes it perfect for the most technical and performing prototyping works.

Техническая спецификация


G–Strong, among the 3D printing resins of Sharebot, is certainly the most versatile and one that best adapts to all applications thanks to its high level physical and mechanical characteristics.

G–Strong is the recommended resin for experimenting, giving free rein to your inventiveness and for the most generalistic and less specific uses. Thanks to its superficial definition and to the resolution of even the smallest details, it is suitable for aesthetic prints and for model-making.

Техническая спецификация


The G–Model is an easy-to-use 3d printing resin of Sharebot; It is suitable for many different uses that do not require excessive exposure to shocks and/or high temperatures.

G–Model is a white–based resin, a feature that makes it perfect for painting with acrylic paints, which ‘ cling ‘ in an exceptional and uniform way. With this resin, you can give life to pieces of extreme precision, but the smaller details are less visible to the human eye because of the white color (for the maximum exaltation of the details is more indicated the S–Hard).

Техническая спецификация


The S–Wax, the castable resin with the highest content of real wax! From the light blue color, the castable among the 3D printing resins of Sharebot is perfect for jewelry making and for all those fields where melting and subsequent casting is necessary. With more than 30% wax content and zero carbon residue, S-Wax allows for clean, detailed castings.

Thanks to this characteristic, S–Wax is also exceptional for producing series productions through 3D printing and without having to produce a very expensive traditional mold for casting.

Техническая спецификация

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