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FFF/FDM proto

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Professional 3D printers uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to realize professional prototypes with high quality and precision.

Sharebot Q

The professional 3D printer with A3 format (400 x 300 x 300 mm) which uses FFF technology to realize objects, models and prototype with high professional quality and precision.


Sharebot Q Dual

Sharebot Q Dual is the big-size filament professional 3D printer with dual extruders, both independent. It is a smart, precise and quick, perfect to create prototypes and objects with two materials or which need two different extrusions.


Sharebot XXL Plus

Sharebot XXL Plus is a professional 3D printer with big size printing area (705x250x200mm) able to realize big professional mockups and prototype for architects, technical studies or trademark.


Sharebot QXXL

Sharebot Qxxl is a big size professional 3D printer with FFF technology. Qxxl is a professional working tool that combines the main Q features with the largest building area to provide professionals an advanced and innovative tool for their workflows and transfrorm their working environment in an Industry 4.0.


Sharebot 42

The fourth generation professional and user friendly 3D printer: fast, precise and smart, capable to give your full control on the 3D printing process with a click on your device.



The professional 3D printer in A3 format
Quality, precision and speed on the biggest printing area

Sharebot Q is a professional 3D printer with an A3 format printing area (its dimension are: 400 x 300 x 300 mm) and it uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to realize professional prototypes with high quality and precision.

The printer allows to manage all the aspects of the printing process from the user’s remote device (computer, smartphone or tablet), optimizing the professional workflow; Q allows also to manage different operations at the same time from the same platform (even on different 3D printers) with just a click. Moreover the web interface gives the possibilty to monitor the printing process thanks to the integrated webcam.

Sharebot Q has an integrated spool-case system compatible with 750g spools and the special 2.2kg PLA-S filament, used by professionals. The printer has also a big useful case under the magnetic printing plate with another spool case integrated: the box can be used to store materials and tools useful for the printing process.

The printing process with Sharebot Q is easier thanks to a filament double dragging system with engines both on the extruder and next to the spool (bowden system) improving the extrusion. The professional user experience is also optimized by the filament sensor which control the operation, avoiding any failure in case of problem.


For modeling it can also realize pre-production prototypes and can be part of the traditional manufacturing workflow, helping professionals and companies to save time and costs. 

Mechanical Engineering
Sharebot Q offers a wide range of high quality and realible solutions in the world of additive manufacturing and 3D printing to all the professionals workers of the mechanics and prototipation fields.

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FFF professional big size build volume and dual extrusion 3D printer for faster printing processes and multiple material prototyping

Sharebot Q Dual is a big size professional 3D filament deposition printer with dual extrusion
Evolution of the Q, the Dual is a ready–for–industry double–extruder 3d printer perfect for making products and prototypes of incredible quality, even with extremely complicated geometries. If both extruders are activated its printing volume measures 700 x 250 x 300 mm, otherwise if only one extruder is activated it’s 700 x 270 x 300 mm. Our technology allows the control of each one of the extruders independently, this allows many different configurations
The printer is delivered with a 0.4 mm extruder and one 0.8 mm extruder
The standard profile support the use of the 0.4 mm extruder with PET and the 0.8 mm extruder with PLA to make the supports. This configuration allows you to realize outstanding prototypes and supports that can be easily removed, reducing printing time.
The philosophy of Sharebot allows the users to change the extruders and use their own profiles. The expert user will have the opportunity to explore and realize the perfect solution for his projects
Extruder 1
All metal air cooled;
Up to 450°C;
0,4 mm nozzle to maximize the XY resolution.
Extruder 2
All metal air cooled;
Up to 450°C;
0,8 mm nozzle to maximize the printing speed.

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QXXL is a professional 3D printer with FFF technology
Ready for industries and allows to realize big size models and prototypes

Sharebot Qxxl is a big size professional 3D printer with FFF technology. Evolution of Sharebot Q, Qxxl is a professional working tool that combines the main Q features (printing bed autocalibration system, Sharebox3D interface and remote management) with the largest building area (700 x 350 x 300 mm) to provide professionals an advanced and innovative tool for their workflows and transfrorm their working environment in an 4.0 Industry.

Size 1110 X 630 X 1365 mm
Building area 700 X 350 X 300 mm
XY Resolution +- 0,2 mm
Z Resolution more than 0,2 mm
Heated plate – Max T° Integrated – less than 90°C
Nozzle size / Max T° 0,8 / less than 260°C

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The biggest professional 3D printer
High performance and precision with a unique prinitng volume

Sharebot XXL Plus is a professional 3D printer with a large building volume: it’s the upgrade of the successful Sharebot XXL; like its parent, Sharebot XXL Plus uses the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to build big size prototypes and models. XXL Plus has the same external dimensions of XXL and the same innovative design. The printing area is larger, 720 x 250 x 200 mm and it introduces a new heating system for the printing bed.

The printer also has a new X and Y axes calibration system (the Y axis now has two independent engines) which allows to have a more precise printing process for high quality models and prototypes: this makes XXL Plus even more suitable for professional than its predecessor. Our technicians also added a new levelling system for the Z axis for a more stable process. Sharebot XXL Plus needs low maintenance and it’s ready to print in just few minutes: throught the easy, intuitive and nice interface you’ll be in full control of all the printing process with the possibily to adjust and motify all the printing setting set in the slicing software.

The filament presence detector was renewed to give to all the professional users a better tool to optimize their printing process and their workflow. The detector allows to pause the process when the filament end, so that the user does not loose all his work that has already been printed. 

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The professional user-friendly 3D printer: fast, precise and smart as you ever dreamt it

Sharebot 42 is the fourth generation 3D printer which uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to realize professional prototypes and models with the highest printing quality and precision at the maximum speed.

The autocalibration system of the innovative printing bed with removable magnetic printing plate allows the professional to start printing without any problem: the user has the full control on every printing setting from the 3.2″ LCD touch screen display.

Sharebot 42 has an integrated videocamera with web connectivity: from the web interface, compatible with every device, the professional user will have the possibility to manage the printing process and see the development from the webcam. Another new features is the filament control: a sensor will stop the printing it if the material ends or it’s obstructed.

Sharebot 42 can print with many different professional 3D printing materials: to have the best quality with each one, it’s possible to change the nozzle (applying nozzles from 0.4 – 0.8), depending on the material used, allowing you to obtain the best from Sharebot 42 printing quality.

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